Born out of a passion for people, the planet and the beauty in nature.

Beach Blonde

Amor de Playa jewelry is inspired by the intrinsic beauty found by the sea. For all of the beach lovers, our collection inspires beauty, creativity and confidence through an eco-friendly approach to design.

Born from a passion to create, a love of the sea and a desire to celebrate the beauty in nature, Amor de Playa jewelry is made to help our clients feel effortlessly chic and enjoy pieces that are made to last and live in.

Our slow-made, small batch collection of eco friendly sustainable jewelry has been handcrafted in the USA. Each piece is carefully crafted with care and attention to detail.

Handcrafted in our private studio in New York, we emphasize the ethical sourcing of both mined and lab-grown gemstones and pearls to ensure our suppliers and the men and women who cultivate our stones are paid a fair wage under conflict free and environmentally-friendly practices. 

We celebrate the natural beauty found around us and choose to work with less-than-perfect stones to create our organically unique designs.

In keeping with our practice of sustainability, the wood, shell and pearl beads used in our designs are sourced from farms and suppliers who care about taking an eco-friendly approach to farming.

We choose to utilize recycled metals in our designs to decrease the global demand for mined gold and other precious metals. Because they can be recycled repeatedly without degradation in quality, they are a naturally renewable resource. 

Our packaging includes toxic-free dyes and recycled materials made in the USA by small businesses. 


We believe Mother Nature is the true artist. Our designs reflect a love for natural materials and refined by our passion for handcrafted goods.

Shell Art
ethical handmade jewelry
Beach Bar

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